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Ethics vs profits? Luxury firms silent on China’s treatment of Uighurs

By Astrid Wendlandt
Ethics vs profits? Luxury firms choose to stay silent on China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims
Luxury groups including Kering, Prada and LVMH have said and done all the right things in recent years, committing themselves to sustainability, women’s empowerment, promoting inclusivity and ensuring their entire supply chains are beyond reproach. But on the question of China’s alleged genocide of Uighur Muslims in the cotton-producing northwest province of Xinjiang, ‘mum’s the word.’ The European Union, United States, Britain and Canada have all imposed sanctions on China. The US has also imposed a blanket ban on cotton imports from the region – home for more than 80 percent of China’s cotton production, itself a whopping one fifth of the world’s total supply.

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