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Luxury at the Summit 2024

By Miss Tweed
2 January 2024
Luxury at the Summit 2024

Luxury at the Summit 2024

Luxury at the Summit April 19-22, 2024 - Discover our speakers!

Technology and creativity. New paradigms and rules of the game.

To book your participation and hotel:

ATTENTION: We only have a few hotel rooms left!

Sabine Demri at the Val d'Isère Reservation Center will personally look after you. You can contact her via email or by phone +33 (0)4 79 06 75 72.

Artificial intelligence and other technologies have changed the way we work, interact with one another and see the future. Luxury brands have been waking up to the fact that they need to integrate these new developments into their corporate culture, decision-making and annual budgets if they want to remain competitive. Creativity is fundamental but technology gives you that extra agility and reactivity you need to stay ahead in this fast-changing world. How should we relate to technology? What are its boons and banes? What existential threats does AI create and how should we deal with them? 

To answer these questions, we have united an incredible panel of specialists.

This series of conferences benefits from the support of consultancy firm Alix Partners.

Neil Lawrence


We are pleased to welcome Neil Lawrence, inaugural DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge where he is the academic lead of AI@Cam, the University’s flagship mission on AI. He is also a Senior AI Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Professor Lawrence recently took part in research and hearings as part of the select committee on AI at the UK’s House of Lords. He will present his forthcoming book The Atomic Human, Understanding Ourselves in the Age of AI. It delves into our fears about AI and how it invades our digital lives.The Atomic Human highlights the capabilities and limitations of AI systems and helps us understand what future we want and what place we want to give AI and technology generally. Either AI is a tool for us, or we become a tool of AI.

Gilles Babinet


We are also looking forward to listen to Gilles Babinet, an entrepreneur and advisor to the French President Emmanuel Macron on AI. Gilles Babinet took part in a special report on AI which is due to land on the President's desk this month. Gilles Babinet is co-president of the Conseil national du numérique, an independent consultative body which advises the French government. He is also a member of the Comité IA founded by France's former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. He is also the French government’s “digital champion” at the European Commission. Gilles Babinet is member of the board of EDF Foundation and professor at HEC and INSP. In May 2023, he published his latest book, Comment les hippies, Dieu et la science ont inventé internet? (How Hippies, God and Science invented the Internet). 

Pierre Denis


We are honored to have Pierre Denis, fashion tech investor and former Jimmy Choo CEO. Pierre Denis will talk about how technology can make the fashion industry more cost-effective, sustainable and improve customers’ experience online. Pierre has set up a fund called LIFT (Luxury Innovation and Fashion Tech) for which he aims to raise $150 million. It invests in “transformative technologies” for the fashion and luxury industries. These apply to many areas including merchandising, e-commerce and supply chains.

Jonathan Siboni


We are very much looking forward to listen to Jonathan Siboni, Luxurynsight CEO and a Summit alumni. Jonathan Siboni will explain how Luxurynsight uses AI to make predictions about luxury brands’ retail sales in a given boutique using their data, that of competitors and traffic and consumer profiles shopping in the given location. If the number is too high, it could be a sign that many sales are actually made for other markets, or so called “grey market”. Their AI model is also used to analyze price fluctuations due to foreign exchange and make tourist purchase predictions. 

Stephane Galienni


Also very keen to exchange views with Stéphane Galienni, co-founder and director of BLSTK! ART, a digital media consultancy and creative studio that works for many luxury groups. Stéphane Galienni also teaches at Paris School of Luxury, ISG Luxury Management. He will present to us his forthcoming book Luxury and AI, a revolution started. It delves into all the uses of AI in the fashion and luxury industry from virtual assistants to conception and predicting trends. 

Sylvain Tesson


Finally Sylvain Tesson, writer and adventurer, and another Summit alumni, will tell us about the beauty of a digital free world. For two days, we will highlight the wonders and benefits of AI and technology, Tesson will close our conference series by telling us about how he loves to hate the dark sides of the cyberworld. For him, surrendering to chips does not make us great. We should prefer windows to screens, believe in adventure rather than programming, live with the rhythm of the seasons not the algorithm of circuits. 

Euan Rellie


Euan Rellie from M&A advisory firm BDA Partners will give us precious insight into how India is emerging as the next luxury hub and how a young, rich and highly connected population is driving the growth of India’s luxury market. India's retail infrastructure, patchy for many years, is developing rapidly, allowing brands to build a more significant presence. A rising number of luxury brands are launching products for the Indian consumer.

More speakers will be announced soon.

The concept of our luxury summit in the Alps is unique. We do not gather to make headlines and boast about how brilliant we are, but to take time to really think and exchange ideas. We become richer and stronger by opening our minds to other ways of seeing the world. No other journalists but Miss Tweed reporters will be there. What is said in Val d’Isère stays in Val d’Isère. We only publish information with participants’ blessings.

People attend our summit to be inspired, meet incredible leaders, widen their network and build new alliances and friendships. They also come to have a fantastic weekend. Ski (or whatever else) in the morning, conferences in the afternoon, party in the evening is a tested and approved formula. You can come with your partner and family. Some participants have done this in past editions and it worked out well.  

Participation is reserved to Miss Tweed subscribers.

As we plan our third edition, we have formed by now a core group of summiteers. They know who they are. Dear alumni/alumnae and potential new participants, please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions about what you would like to contribute to the summit or who you would like us to invite. 

The Luxury at the Summit by Miss Tweed in Val d’Isère is a great tradition. Many of us can’t wait to get together again. Thank you for your support and your trust. We will be in touch as we build up the program and confirm speakers. 

Please click here to find out more about our 2023 edition:,-second-edition-april-1-to-3,-2023

And here for our 2022 edition: 

The videos below will give you a flavor of what to expect:


Friday, April 19:

Arrival of participants. Meeting in the restaurant of the hotel Le Val d'Isère at 7pm for those who come on time for dinner or just for a drink. The hotel is located on the right of the building where the Office du Tourisme is located.

Saturday, April 20:10:30am - Giant slalom training with Astrid Wendlandt at the Stade Legettaz, a skiing area at the foot of Solaise mountain. We encourage you to join us if you want to win the cup! 

3pm-6pm –Conferences. These take place at the congress center called Centre Henri Oreiller, right next to the public pool and the Barmes de l’Ours hotel. 

6:45 pm -Aperitif at the bar of La Savoyarde hotel.

8pm -Dinner at the restaurant of La Savoyarde. Dress code: casual chic.

Sunday, April 21: 

10:30 am -Miss Tweed Cup. Giant slalom competition organized by the ESF and reserved for the participants of the Summit, at Stade Legettaz at the foot of Solaise mountain.  

3pm-6pm -Conferences. These take place at the congress center called Centre Henri Oreiller, right next to the public pool and the Barmes de l’Ourse hotel.         

6:45 -Meeting point at the La Daille gondola lift to go up to the Folie Douce. Plan to leave downtown Val d'Isère at 6:30 pm and take the bus that stops on the main street of the resort. The ski lifts are privatized for the event. The departure is at 7pm sharp and the STVI (Société des Transports de Val d’Isère) will not wait for any of us. 

The lucky winners of the Miss Tweed Cup will receive their prizes and engraved Tiffany & Co trophies. Dinner and cabaret show at La Folie Douce. Dress code: nightclub.

11pm - Gondola lifts back down to La Daille. Buses to return downtown. The party continues at La Baraque and then at La Doudoune nightclub.

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