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Luxury at the Summit 2023

By Miss Tweed
Luxury at the Summit 2023

Luxury at the Summit by Miss Tweed, Second Edition, April 1 to 3, 2023

Leadership in the luxury industry: How to federate, inspire and prosper in an increasingly unstable and complex world? Exceptional leaders will gather in Val d'Isère to give us some answers. 

If you want to join us, you must reserve your participation and your hotel room as soon as possibleas many of those who came last year plan to return in 2023.

What better place than Val d'Isère, at 1850 meters above sea level, to take a step back and think about what luxury will mean tomorrow?Since the pandemic, the world has been lurching from one crisis to the next, whether in international relations, global finance or energy markets.

It will take a strong captain, man or woman, to lead a fashion or luxury brand through the storm. It is only those leaders who have earned the trust of their teams and found ways to empower them who will help the company emerge stronger and more successful than ever before. 

There are no secret recipes.But taking the time to reflect can be a good start to map out your own path to success.In Val d’Isère, you will be able to exchange ideas with exceptional leaders and individuals.

Below is a preliminary list of speakers and conferences:   

- Anthony Ledru, CEO of Tiffany & Co : The bright sides and the dark sides of leadership.   

- Vice-Admiral Loïc Finaz,former director of L’École de guerre, former nuclear submarine commander and author of the book La liberté du commandement, l'esprit d'équipage (Éd des Équateurs, 2020 : Of the art of war and of leadership : applications for the fashion and luxury industry.     

- Sylvain Tesson, writer and adventurer: No Authority without legitimacy. Where does the leader get his legitimacy from ?     

- The consulting firm AlixPartners and one or two brands: Preserving leadership and uniqueness thanks to a strong supply chain.   Other speakers will be confirmed in the coming days.


- Saturday, April 1: Progressive arrival of participants. Meet at a bar/restaurant in the evening for those who arrive in time for dinner or just want a drink.   

- Sunday, April 2:   

10.30 am - Giant slalom practice at the Legettaz stadium at the bottom of Solaise mountain.   

3 pm - Start of the conferences.   

6 pm - End of the conferences.   

8 pm - Dinner at La Savoyarde's restaurant.   

- Monday, April 3

10.30 am - Miss Tweed Cup - Giant slalom competition reserved to Summit participants, on the Legettaz stadium, at the bottom of Solaise mountain.  

3 pm - Start of the conferences.   

6 pm - End of the conferences.   

7 pm – Award ceremony for the winners of the Miss Tweed Cup. They will receive several prizes as well as a trophy cup supplied by Tiffany & Co. Dinner and cabaret show at La Folie Douce, at the top of La Daille. The ski lifts are privatized for the event.   

Participation is reserved to Miss Tweed subscribers only.

For this second edition, we want to form a small and homogenous group of free-thinkers.As last year, we want this event to remain relatively small to allow people to connect properly and build relationships.  Val d'Isère’s reservation center will help you plan your stay from beginning to end and can reserve one or more extra days for you as well as taxis, skis lessons, etc.If you plan to come as a family, do no hesitate to contact them. They will propose you family room. 

For any further information and to help you prepare your stay, please contact : or call the team on + 33 (0)4 79 06 74 32. 

To book your place and participation, please click on the link below:

Terms and conditions:

- 30% deposit at the time of booking – the balance is due 1 month before the start of the event

- Changeable under certain conditions, until March 1, 2023

- Non-refundable

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