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Luxury at the Summit 2023

By Miss Tweed
Luxury at the Summit 2023

Luxury at the Summit by Miss Tweed, Second Edition, April 1 to 3, 2023

Leadership in the luxury industry: How to federate, inspire and prosper in an increasingly unstable and complex world? Exceptional leaders will gather in Val d'Isère to give us some answers. What better place than Val d'Isère, at 1850 meters above sea level, to take a step back and think about what luxury will mean tomorrow? Since the pandemic, the world has been lurching from one crisis to the next, whether in international relations, global finance or energy markets.

It will take a strong captain, man or woman, to lead a fashion or luxury brand through the storm. It is only those leaders who have earned the trust of their teams and found ways to empower them who will help the company emerge stronger and more successful than ever before. There are no secret recipes.But taking the time to reflect can be a good start to map out your own path to success.In Val d’Isère, you will be able to exchange ideas with exceptional leaders and individuals.


Saturday, April 1
Progressive arrival of participants. Meeting in the restaurant of the hotel Le Val d'Isère at 19:00 for those who arrive in time for dinner or just for a drink. It is located on the right of the building where is the Office du Tourisme.

Sunday, April 2
10:30 -
Giant slalom training with Astrid Wendlandt on the Legettaz stadium, at the foot of Solaise mountain. We encourage you to join us if you want to win the cup!

The conferences take place at the Congress Centre called Centre Henri Oreiller, right next to the public pool and the Barmes de l’Ourse hotel.

14:45-15:40 - Building luxury online: The Silicon Valley perspective.
Tirath Kamdar, general manager of luxury at eBay, will talk about how he is the leading the charge in the luxury market, one of the main growth engines of the Silicon Valley pioneer. Tirath Kamdar will discuss strategic-decision-making, organizational design and employee empowerment as well as what it takes to remain at the cutting edge of e-commerce in an increasingly competitive online market. 

15: 45-16:45 -Vestiaire Collective: How to stay focused when you are growing fast ?
Vestiaire Collective is a French unicorn promoting circularity at scale aiming to transform the fashion industry for a more sustainable future, notably through partnerships with luxury brands. Fanny Moizant and Maximilian Bittner lead the company together, split responsibilities and manage exceptional growth without losing the company's vision. In the past few years, Vestiaire Collective expanded globally while staying true to its mission and values. 

16 :45 – Coffee break

17:00 – 17:15 - Jonathan Siboni: Feedback from a field trip in China.
Jonathan Siboni will accomplish the miracle of coming back from an intense three-week trip in China and arriving in time to give us his feedback for our “Luxury at the Summit” in Val d’Isère. He will tell us about the latest trends among retailers and brands. Has demand picked up since January as much as analysts were expecting? Are there any new winners and losers? What does the future hold?  

17-15 –18:00 - Admiral Loïc Finaz: How the crew spirit can help reform the luxury industry's over-sized egosAdmiral Loïc Finaz believes that there are two types of men: men of power and men of command. Most men dream of being men of power and will never be men of command. For him, the crew spirit should guide any venture that unites men and women around a common goal and mission. The admiral believes that in a world ruled by the law of the strongest, the search for performance is more easily obtained thanks to the development of the crew spirit than through aggressivity and a focus on spreadsheets and numbers. Finding the right balance between vertical and horizontal organization, between the search for excellence and a well-wishing spirit and developing autonomy and solidarity between teams offer some of the keys to success.

18:45 - Aperitif at the bar of the hotel La Savoyarde.

20:00 - Dinner at the restaurant of the hotel La Savoyarde. Dress code: casual chic.

Monday, April 3

10:30 - Miss Tweed Cup. Giant slalom competition organized by the ESF and reserved for the participants of the Summit, on the Legettaz stadium, at the foot of Solaise. 

The conferences take place at the Congress Centre called Centre Henri Oreiller, right next to the public pool and the Barmes de l’Ourse hotel.

14:45 – 15:40 - Anthony Ledru: The dark sides and the bright sides of leadership.
Anthony Ledru is a natural-born leader who loves to inspire and motivate teams. The 50-year-old executive will share with us his thoughts about the dark sides and the bright sides of leadership: loneliness, doubt, but also the gift of self and the creation of a collective force. He will discuss his salutary mistakes but also the challenges facing leaders today and how to communicate with the younger generations.

15:45 – 16:45 - AlixPartners: Leadership in luxury supply chains
With sustained growth in the luxury sector and regional shifts in demand, supply chains have become increasingly complex and critical to the success of fashion and luxury brands. Access to craftmanship, the opportunity to better control capacity, succession risk and financial stability have led many groups to integrate vertically in the past 10 years. Thomas Trevesaigues and Olivier Salomon, from AlixPartners will outline key trends and changes in the luxury industry’s supply chains and what actions can be taken in reponse. They will interview Mauro di Roberto, head of jewelry at Bulgari, and Marco Tosi, heads of operations at luxury shoe maker Christian Louboutin who will explain how they built state-of-the-art supply chains and tell us what their expectations are for the future.

16:45Coffee break.

17:00-17:45 - Sylvain Tesson : No authority without legitimacy.
The great figures of History knew how to lead the crowds by drawing legitimacy from their own value. Technical competence, absolute beauty, physical strength, oratorical genius, political skill etc... fed the principle of authority. At the head of an Empire, the most virtuous and visionary man imposed himself. On a desert island, one of the castaways took the ascendancy because the others recognized in him a quality necessary to the survival of the group. In both cases, the mechanics were the same: natural authority fed by genius led to leadership. 

But the post-modern era has reversed the deal, distrusting the principle of distinction between men and believing in the mirage that is equality. Sylvain Tesson proposes to trace the contours of these new ways to obtain the commanding reins.

18:45 - Meeting point at the Daille eggs to go up to the Folie Douce. Plan to leave downtown Val d'Isère at 6:30 pm and take the bus that passes on the main street of the resort. The ski lifts are privatized for the event. The departure is at 19 :00 and the STVI (Société des Transports de Val d’Isère) will not wait for any of us, so we cannot be late. The lucky winners of the Miss Tweed Cup will receive their prizes and engraved Tiffany & Co trophies. Dinner and cabaret show at La Folie Douce. Dress code: nightclub.

23:00 - Eggs down back to La Daille. Buses to return downtown. For those who have the energy, we continue at La Baraque et then La Doudoune.


Participation is reserved to Miss Tweed subscribers only.

For this second edition, we want to form a small and homogenous group of free-thinkers. As last year, we want this event to remain relatively small to allow people to connect properly and build relationships. Val d'Isère’s reservation center will help you plan your stay from beginning to end and can reserve one or more extra days for you as well as taxis, skis lessons, etc. If you plan to come as a family, do no hesitate to contact them. They will propose you family room. 

For any further information and to help you prepare your stay, please contact : or call the team on + 33 (0)4 79 06 74 32. 

To book your place and participation, please click on the link below:

Below is a preliminary list of participants: 

Anthony Ledru, CEO of Tiffany & co, Tirath Kamdar, global general manager for Luxury at eBay, Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Vestiaire Collective, Fanny Moizant, co-founder of Vestiaire Collective, Sandrine Deveaux, head of New Retail at Farfetch and member of the executive committee, Mauro di Roberto, head of jewelry at Bulgari, Marco Tosi, heads of operations at luxury shoe maker Christian LouboutinJonathan Siboni, CEO of Luxurynsight, Olivier Salomon and Thomas Trevesaigues from consultancy AlixPartners, Stanislas de Quercize, strategic investor and former CEO of Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, Clarisse Reille, head of DEFI, the French agency that supports the fashion industry, Bernd Beetz, former CEO of Coty, controlling shareholder of German eyewear maker Mykita and investor in fashion and beauty brands,  Sylvie Freud-Pickavance, head of strategy at Value Retail, Euan Rellie, managing director at BDA PartnersSophy Rindler, Kristina Driggs and Julian Verpoorten from eBayPierre-François Marteau, partner at Boston Consulting GroupBernard Gault, investor and former luxury executive, Lauren Carter, research analyst at Capital Research Global Investors, Frederik Schreve, CEO of consultancy Oktave, Alban Neveux, CEO of Advention Business Partners, Cecile Zarokian, creator of luxury perfumes, Primoz Artac, nutri-cosmetics specialist, Lou Dana, CEO of Grace, Fabienne Lupo, former chairman of the Federation de la Haute Horlogerie and Founder of Re-Luxury event dedicated to pre-loved luxury items, Fabrice Gautron, senior luxury consultant, Julien Fortuit, coach and consultant, Sylvain Tesson, adventurer, writer, Admiral Loic Finaz, former nuclear submarine commander and head of France's War School, Bérengère Dutel, International SOS, company specialized in helping corporates with handling emergency and extreme situations, Jean-Marc Bories, founder Luxury Consulting GroupMarc-Antoine Breuil, chairman of jeweler Morganne BelloClaire Geronimi, founder of the body brand G.Isabelle Grosmaître, founder of Goodness & Co, sustainability specialist, Philippe Pascal, former head of the watch and luxury division of LVMH, chairman of winemaker Cellier aux Moines & son Clos in Burgundy, Bruno Martinier, CEO of fashion brand SkiDressAndrey Terebenin, head of the photography and publishing department of the state museum Hermitage in St Petersburg.

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