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Stories on fashion and luxury you won't read elsewhere
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Astrid Wendlandt
Most watch lovers know the engineering prowess and marketing power of Rolex, Patek Philippe and Swatch Group’s Omega and Longines. But few are aware that the watch powerhouses are using all their black arts to keep for themselves a technology that has become highly strategic for the industry. They are fighting for what is regarded as the Holy Grail of watch precision and reliability: silicon hairsprings. And the three companies want to prevent rival watch brands from having access to them.
Astrid Wendlandt
GENEVA - Mergers and acquisitions in the luxury watches field may be few and far between, since business has never been better and shareholders are not in need of cash. However, consolidation has been gathering pace among watchmakers’ suppliers for the same reason that it has been accelerating among Italian fashion suppliers, Miss Tweed has found out. The Covid-19 pandemic spooked suppliers of fashion and luxury products just as it shook up Swiss providers of mechanical watch components, precision tools and machinery.
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Week from 2022-06-27 to 2022-07-01
Saint Laurent is co-producing a 30-minute English-language movie by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, becoming the latest luxury megabrand to turn itself into a film company. It follows a similar effort by Kering with House of Gucci. The Hollywood blockbuster sponsored by Kering was released last November, around the same time as Haute Couture, a feature-length film with French actress Nathalie Baye about and sponsored by Dior.  
Chanel and Mousse Partners, the family office run by Charles Heilbronn, half-brother of Chanel owners Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, is stepping up investment in Evolved by Nature, a green chemistry company specializing in enhancing the properties of natural silk.

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