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By Miss Tweed
Luxury ignores recession
The world may be heading into a global recession but that does not seem to affect luxury shoppers. They’re spending their money as if there was no tomorrow. Japanese and U.S. buyers together with tourists visiting Europe have pushed up luxury brands’ revenues and profits to new records, their half-year results showed. Appetite for luxury goods was so strong in many parts of the world that it helped make up for a severe drop in business in China, where shops stayed closed for weeks due to a resurgence of Covid cases.

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Le Luxe à la conquête du monde

Comment l’industrie du luxe et de la mode, quasi-inexistante il y a quarante ans, est devenue une puissance mondiale ? Dans cette anthropologie du glamour, la journaliste Astrid Wendlandt épingle ses super-héros et analyse ses contradictions.

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How Luxury Conquered the world

Author and journalist Astrid Wendlandt conducted a four-year investigation vinto the secretive world of fashion and luxury involving hundreds of interviews with top executives and designers.

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A Year In the News 2020-2021

This book is a compilation of Miss Tweed’s stories during its first year. The digital revolution, the closely guarded secrets of LVMH, Richemont and Kering and the future of watchmaking are among the many topics Miss Tweed covered between the summer of 2020 and the summer of 2021.

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