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Astrid Wendlandt
L’Oréal may not stay the world’s No. 1 cosmetics group forever. LVMH could eventually gobble up all or parts of the Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) even though the French luxury giant has denied any interest – for now, as Miss Tweed reported last week. Competition from rival groups Coty, Shiseido, Interparfums and Puig is set to intensify and new challengers are emerging such as Cartier owner Richemont and French luxury group Kering.
Astrid Wendlandt
The Estée Lauder Companies has come under the spotlight. Its share price has collapsed since January after a series of profit warnings, but it’s been rising steadily in the past three weeks. It is up 18 percent since Nov. 1. LVMH has denied any interest in acquiring the company, but investors are speculating that it could buy a stake or eventually make a bid. Some insiders also think an activist investor could build a position in order to put pressure on the company to nominate a new CEO and change its strategy.
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Week from 2023-11-27 to 2023-12-01
Farfetch CEO José Neves is living dark hours. The online fashion marketplace and e-commerce technology provider canceled the publication of its third-quarter results this week and said its guidance was no longer valid. The move comes after Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported that Neves could take the company private. Where would he find the money? Who would lend it to him? Neves’ friends say he is a phoenix who will rise from his ashes. But for now, the situation looks dire.
American designer Matthew Williams is leaving Givenchy after three years as the French brand’s creative director. A year ago, Miss Tweed predicted that Williams was going to leave in 2023 as his contract ended. He leaves the brand on Jan. 1. 

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