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Astrid Wendlandt
John Galliano does not plan to renew his five-year contract with Maison Margiela when it ends in October and could be heading back to his former employer LVMH, and more specifically Dior, several sources with knowledge of the matter said. If Galliano does return to the storied French house after being sacked in 2011 for antisemitic rants, it would send a strong message of forgiveness from LVMH and embody the most beautiful comeback the fashion world has ever seen, they said.
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The passing of the baton to the new generation continued this week at LVMH with the promotion of Bulgari’s Chief Marketing Officer Laura Burdese to deputy CEO. It looks like the French luxury group is preparing the succession of Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, 65, who has been running the brand for 11 years.
Across La Manche, a major leadership change also took place this week. Burberry appointed Joshua Schulman as CEO on Monday after issuing a profit warning and publishing a 22 percent drop in revenue for the 13 weeks to June 29.

Supreme is now part of eyewear empire EssilorLuxottica (EL). It used to be a cult streetwear brand and a retail pioneer with its so-called “drops” in stores that created excitement among fans. Now it’s going to become a massmarket brand. EL makes eyewear, it does not know how to run and build a fashion brand. The same logic applies to fragrance makers L’Oréal, Puig and Interparfums. They all own fashion brands but have never been able to turn them into real, impactful and meaningful businesses.

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