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Astrid Wendlandt
Most big luxury houses like Chanel, Hermès, Dior and Louis Vuitton for decades burnt their unsold stock to preserve their image. After they had offloaded unwanted goods through staff, “friends and family sales,” outlets and third-party organizers of private events, they destroyed whatever was left out of fear that old stock could be sold for cheap and weaken their pricing power and exclusivity.

But today a reckoning is underway. In an age of climate crisis, the world’s top brands are having to face a future when they cannot destroy goods. It’s been banned in France, the crucible of the luxury industry, since last year. Another, more extensive ban is shortly expected to become law throughout the European Union.
Astrid Wendlandt
Many fashion and luxury brands, from Balenciaga to Gucci, Cartier and Rolex, have started to embrace the secondhand market. Some do it themselves and offer pre-loved products directly to their customers online and in their boutiques. Others partner with vintage stores or online specialists such as Vestiaire Collective or Watchfinder. Some do both.

They know that they don’t have a choice. Customers, particularly the younger generation, demand it.
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Week from 2023-05-22 to 2023-05-26
Audemars Piguet has chosen as its new CEO Ilaria Resta, President of Global Perfumery & Ingredients at Swiss fragrance maker Firmenich. Her appointment ends months of speculation and suspense about who was going to land one of the watch industry’s most coveted jobs.

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